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Perrin Complete Rotated Turbo Kit

Perrin Complete Rotated Turbo Kit

Many many customers have compiled this package on their own, and finally its our turn.  We have put together the Complete GT3076R Rotated turbo kit packages.  These are all inclusive kits, that begin after the exhaust ports on the heads, and end at your 3”Catback exhaust.  This kit includes, the PERRIN Equal length header, PERRIN Rotated uppipe, downpipe, intake and other turbo kit parts, PERRIN FMIC(signature series, or stealth), PERRIN High flow fuel rails,  EBCS boost solenoid, Signature Series Recirc BOV, Blow-thru Boost tube, and last but not least the most important part, the AccessPORT with custom tuned map. Depending on the octane level of fuel in your area, this kit will make 350-440WHP depending on the fuel,turbo, elevation, dyno being used to measure the Wheel HP.

While we just made a major change to the overall turbo kit(using the newer GT turbine housings and new intakes), we made another significant change.  This change doesn’t add or remove any parts from the kit, but it does change how the part is installed.  All turbo kits now come partially assembled!  We now assemble all the pieces together,so flanges, wastegate, downpipe, clocking of turbo, oil restrictors,coolant hose are all installed and aligned.  The customer/shop simply has to bolt the uppipe to the header, connect oil and coolant hoses up,bolt on a downpipe and fire up the car.  This saves hours of time for the end user by not having to deal with improper clocking, oil restrictors not being installed, bolts not being tightened, wastegates not being lined up properly, and any not to mention, less bloody knuckles!  And for those paying a shop to do the install, this saves you money!


  • Subaru STI 2004-05
  • Subaru WRX 2002-05
  • Subaru WRX 2006-07
  • Subaru STI 2006-07

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 March, 2009.
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