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About Us

Our Past:

What once began as a hobby in the mid 1990's gradually evolved to a structured business. In 2004 iA-Performace was officially formed and the foundation for growth was laid. We have had quiet a few locations that we called 'the shop' over the years. Below is a glimpse of the wild ride:

  • Carport in Tucson, mid to late 1990's
  • House garage in Chandler, 2001/2
  • 2 Car Garage/Barn/Stable in Maryland which included several animals ranging from horses to barn cats,2002/2003
  • House garage in Tucson, yes back in Tucson. 2004
  • 1000sq ft warehouse/install bay in Tucson late 2004, the home garage was quickly out grown
  • 1300sq ft office/warehouse/install bay in Tucson, 2005/6
  • 4000sq ft office/warehouse/dyno facility 2006-2009
  • The economy took a dramatic turn in 2009 so we followed in step and sold off the heavy machinery (lifts, dyno, etc) and downsized the work facility to a more manageable one. Orders are still taken over the web as well as phone and installs are still available through our a beautiful shop that we sublet from. This was by far the wisest decision we could make given the state of the world's economy, let along our own local one.  

We weren't kidding when we said it has been a wild ride...The work has been hard, but the growth could not have happened without our dedicated customers.

Mission statement:

Our goal is to develop customer service relations that go far beyond our competitors. Anyone can sell you a product, but we treat you with respect and provide you with high quality, customized products. We want you to be satisfied with our work and our service. Other companies may view you as a number, we are here to change that.




There is virtually unlimited room for new ideas in our evolving automotive communities. In regards to this we plan to expand our offerings for years to come. We welcome and appreciate ideas you have for unique, quality performance and aesthetic parts and designs.