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Subaru E-tuning
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Subaru E-tuning

 $250.00  $195.00 
Subaru E-tuning

Promotional Pricing for a Limited Time

iA Performance is proud to offer E-tuning services for the Subaru COBB AccessPORT (all versions). Our maps are a culmination of extensive dyno and street tuning efforts through the years. It all began when we became COBB's first ProTuner for Arizona in 2005. Since then our tuning efforts have grown to a global scale, yet we ensure each customer receives 'the personal touch' as if they were here in our home town. After all, what good is a product if you do not receive the customer support to go along with it.  

Our experience stems past the Dyno and includes open road as well as race tracks. We are one of the few USA based Tuners to physically travel to, and tune on, World Famous track such as Nurburgring, Hockenheimring, PIR, etc. We've even done top gear testing on the Autobahn to fine tune maps in the rarely seen high loads and high speed areas, although I do not recommend this for the faint of heart... Our travels have also been followed by top Magazines such as Modified (Media Link) as well as others. Through these cumulative experiences that we are able to deliver one of the highest quality tuning services around.

Below is a video that walks through the REFLASH process of the COBB AccessPORT. Thank you RSD for the video!

How it works:

1. Purchase (1) iA E-Tune map, we will email you a map to upload to the vehicle via your AccessPORT (AP).* 1 credit = 1 type of map (ex. 1 map = 2006, sti, 91oct, turbo back exhaust, 20g, performance map). If you desire a 2nd map (ex 100oct) then a discounted price of $99.99 is available. To receive this rate you will need to contact our tuning department at, or 520-882-2821. 
2. Datalog the results as per our requirements and email them back to us. 
3. Revised maps will be sent to narrow in your tune. On average we are able to accomplish a finalized map in 1-5 attempts. The vehicles modifications will usually dictate the number of attempts.
4. Credit(s) are valid for 60 days from date of purchase. If your car has mechanical problems we are willing to work with you to a certain extent. Be prepared to have a "boost leak test" performed if requested (this should be done on every turbo car FYI).

*Note: During the check out process you will need to provide the following info for us to generate your map. Feel free to contact us prior to purchase to ensure we can help your particular setup.

Miles on Motor:
Transmission: MT or AT
Fuel Type: 91, 92, 93, 94, e85 (e85 tuning only available with wideband gauge equipped cars)
Software: AP 1 or 2?

Popular links to reference:

    * AccessPORT firware updates (you will need the latest firmware to run our maps). Click Here for the update:
    * How the Factory Subaru Boost System works - click here: 
    * AP Features and Data Monitors - click here:
    * Additional AccessPORT information and support - click here:

We have applications ranging from Gas Saving maps all the way up to GT rotated turbo kit applications. Our experience has covered, but is not limited to, the following:


    * td04
    * vf 22, 23, 30, 34, 36, 37, 39, 42, 48, 52, etc
    * garrett gt28rs, gt30, gt35, etc
    * PTE 35, 67p trim
    * 16g (big and small), 18g, 20g, green, red, Dom 1.0, DOM 1.5, DOM, 2.0, DOM 2.5, DOM 3.0, etc
    * etc


    * 565-2100cc
    * ID, FIC, Power Enterprise, JDM pinks, perrin, agency power, deatschWerks, etc


    * 2.0L, 2.1L, 2.35L, 2.5L, 2.6L
    * Frankenstein motors, 2.5L short block with 2.0L heads (popular 02-05 wrx option)

Presently, we do not support Blow through MAF or Speed Density Tunes. When properly done, these types of tunes should be in person with a qualified tuner.


Tuning Experience

    * Early 2005 began tuning Subarus via EcuTek & utec
    * Late 2005, became COBB Tunings first Arizona authorized Tuner. 5 day on-site training course with COBB
    * 2006 EFI Tuning Certified
    * 2006 AEM EMS certification along with EFI tuning courses
    * Limitless hours on our in-house Mustang Dyno to hone 'the craft'
    * Road tuning through out the US, Mexico, and European Countries

If you do not see your application here please contact us for additional information: 520-882-2821 or email].

  • WRX 2002-present
  • STi 2004-present
  • Forester XT 2004-present
  • Legacy Outback GT and XT 2004-present
  • Baja XT


    * Cobb AccessPORT (version 2 or newer)

    * Open Source Data Logger w/ Tactrix Cable

Data Acquisition (Data Logging):

  • Logging: With your COBB AP plugged in you will need to go to Live Data. Once in Live Data you will need to select Data logging, then select the parameters below to be logged. You are now ready to data log. Please note, the 2.0L WRX may not have KNOCK as a data log option, please ensure all other parameters are selected. 
  • Extract Data Logs from the AP: Connect your AP to a PC using Map Manager. Under the VIEW tab you will select ADVANCED. This will allow you to download the data logs.
  • Email the data logs along with your original Etune Map to It is very important that we get the Map back since we have countless versions in the data base. We will then look over your data and amend if needed.
  • We request the following conditions logged:
  1. idle, 1-3 minutes
  2. partial throttle driving around, 2-3 minutes. Try to stay below 40% throttle
  3. We prefer data log files in 3rd (5 speeds) or 4th gear (6 speeds). Start at 2,500 rpms then go full throttle until ~4,500 rpms unless informed otherwise.
  4. Repeat step 3 in higher RPM increments as advised. As always, use extreme caution whenever operating your vehicle on the open roads.

Minimum Parameters that we need to see in the data logs:



    Dynamic Advance

    Ignition Advance / Ignition Timing

    AVCS Intake RIght

    AVCS Intake Left

    AVCS Exhaust Right (may not apply to all cars)

    AVCS Exhaust Left (may not apply to all cars)

    Closed Loop / Closed Loop SW

    Calculated Load

    Throttle Position / Throttle Pos

    Rel. Pressure / Boost

    Air/fuel Ratio

    Air/fuel Learned (Long Term Fuel Trim) / A/F Learned 1(%)

    Air/fuel Immediate (Short Term Fuel Trim)/ A/F Correction 1(%)

    Inj. Duty Cycle

    MAF Airflow / MAF (g/s)

    MAF Voltage / MAF (v)

    MPH / Vehicle Speed


    Knock Correction / Feedback Knock (may not be available on all models)

    Knock Learning / Fine Knock Learn (may not be available on all models)

    Coolant Temp

Please view the Ordering section for additional policies and details (found at the bottom of the website page).

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