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Crawford Air Oil Separator FMIC STOCK Turbo 2008+ STi

Crawford Air Oil Separator FMIC STOCK Turbo 2008+ STi

Please note, all units now shipping in BLACK. Silver has been discontinued by Crawford

Application: 2008+ STi w/ Stock Location Turbos using a Front Mount Inter Cooler

Product Info:
Drawing on our 35 years of racing knowledge, the Crawford Performance Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator was engineered and designed to keep the motor oilwhere it belongs – inside the motor and out of the intake system.
In the stock configuration, the crankcase is vented to the intake system in three different places. Each of these vents have a baffle system built within the motor to minimize the transfer of oil to the intake, but some oil can still make its way into the combustion chambers. When the oil enters the combustion chambers, it effectively lowers the octane of the fuel, leading to detonation.
Our Air/Oil Separator effectively removes the oil from the air coming out of the engine’s ventilation system via a two stage process:

- The first step in the process is a large volumetric swirl pot. The function of the swirl pot is to use centrifugal force to remove the oil from the air. The air is then passed through a second chamber (see second step below), and extracted through the top of the AOS. Gravity then sends the remaining oil down the walls of the swirl pot and collects in the bottom of the AOS. At this point the separated oil sitting on the bottom of the AOS is returned to a baffled chamber in the center of the engine block.

- The second step involves a second chamber located within the first chamber. As the separated air moves up inside the AOS, it must enter the second chamber before it can vent out the top of the AOS. The function of the secondary chamber is to remove any residual oil that may have made its way up the swirl pot. The secondary chamber also has a drain to return any separated oil back to the engine.
Our Version 2 AOS incorporates an internal heater to keep the AOS operating at the proper temperature. The coolant line that runs from the turbo to the engine is now re-routed through the AOS. The effectively equalizes the temperature between the AOS and the engine to avoid condensation which can occur within any AOS. This heater also makes sure the vaporized water leaving the motor makes its way through the AOS in vapor form, rather than condensing back into a liquid. This is a MUST in cold weather and a bonus for any climate. NO OTHER AOS ON THE MARKET EMPLOYS THIS TECHNOLOGY!


Main Features:

- The Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator keeps the air in the turbo inlet and the oil in the crankcase, all at the same time! This means you can eliminate harmful oil in your intake system, which causes detonation, and safely make more power.

- Race proven to keep the oil where it belongs in the engine. Some of these vehicles include the Crawford R4-CP35R, S5-CP35R and S5-CP30R vehicles.

- The Crawford Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator was designed with air emissions in mind. You no-longer need to smell those undesirable fumes coming from your old oil catch can. The Crawford Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator is a complete closed loop system!

- The Crawford Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator safely returns the blow-by/oil to the engine automatically! No more need to drain that generic oil catch can.

- Our Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator is custom fabricated out of aluminum, fully tig welded and powder coated for a long and beautiful life. It will not leak or seep any oil.

- The Crawford Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator comes as a complete kit and ready to install. No drilling or tapping necessary.

The complete ready-to-install kit includes: Crawford Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator, Powder coated Silver, all necessary custom fit high quality silicon hoses and connectors. BLUE and SILVER HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.

1 For use with most front mount intercoolers

Note: Team Big Valley has proven this system on the drag strip multiple times including the record holding 9.5 @ 150mph run at Atco Raceway in New Jersey. Available only in silver at this time.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 11 May, 2009.
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