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After months of anxiously waiting, our customer finally received their 2011 BMW 328ix. The first item on the agenda was suspension. This is where KW Suspension came into play with their Varient 1 series coilovers. Their coilover system allows for a smooth & comfortable ride in addition to height adjustments.

Once the dust settled iA-Performance had installed and  lowered the vehicle by roughly 2″ in the front and 1″ in the rear. The overall change is quite noticeable, especially once the wheels were installed. They are Advan RS 19×8.5 et32s Front and 19×9.5 et35s rear. The tires are Conti Extreme Contact DW 235/35/19 and 275/30/19s.  With less than a 1,000 original miles this car has definitely gone through a transformation.

Front and Rear Coilovers Installed

KW Suspension components fit perfectly at each mounting point.  There are no points where it binds, nor were any modifications needed to fit these.

Once the test drive was completed it was time to fine tune the ride height.

With coilovers and Advans installed

Front wheel photo