widebody rear quarter

iA-Performance was fortunate enough to take this 2004 WRX to a whole new level. Not just a new level for our shop, or Tucson, or Arizona, but for most of the Subaru community nation wide!  Come on, when is the last time you saw a wide body WRX with a customized drivetrain/motor? Probably not very often…

The Back Story: we were lucky enough to have the owner walk through our door in late 2005.  At that time the car had a stock drive train / motor, yet it sported this killer wide stance.   Sadly, he had been give the ‘run around’ by a shop in Phoenix, since out of business, for  a JDM ver7 STi motor. Money had exchanged hands, yet 6 months later there was no motor to be seen. Luckily a full refund was tendered by the ’shady shop’ (cough…kingpin) and in that very same week we just received a large JDM container with (5) Sti motors. We wanted to step things above the customer’s previous experiences and in doing so had the new motor installed before that week was up! He was ecstatic with a grin ear to ear. Finally the car had power behind its looks. We thought this was the last power level for the car, or so we thought…

Flash forward to May of 2006 when the car rolled through our shop for yet another motor change. This time the owner had plans for bigger power. This included: CP pistons, GT3076 turbo, 800cc injectors, rotated intake manifold, front mount intercooler, and on and on. This time the turn around was not quite 1-2 days, but the end result was definitely head turning. Here is a brief run down of what all was done:

Widebody Polished Engine Bay

Rotating assembly / Fueling

Turbo / inter cooler / manifold

  • Customer supplied Garrett gt3076 rotated turbo kit consisting of: up-pipe, down pipe, turbo.
  • Perrin Front Mount inter cooler
  • Custom iA-Performance TIG welded aluminum tubing to connect the 2
  • Mirror Polished and reversed intake manifold

Drivetrain / Braking

  • StopTech 355mm brakes up front
  • JDM Brembo Rear brakes
  • JDM STi axles / hubs
  • Stoptech SS lines
  • JDM ver7 nonDCCD SURETRAC transmission
  • JDM sti r180 rear differential
  • motul brake fluid


  • Polished A/C, Alternator, P/S housings
  • Coolant reservoir relocation (customer supplied kit)
  • Cusco Motor / Transmission mounts
  • Heat wrap A/C lines and line firewall around turbo
  • Hydra Nemesis ECU

widebody transmission swap

As time progressed the drive train and engine bay started to flow with the wide body appearance. In the end this was one unique machine! Contenders at Hot Import Nights stood no chance as this beast took top honors for Subaru.  Further steps were planned for the WRX including:

  • Cobb tuning accessPORT w/ a blow thru MAF housing (the Hydra was found to be a faulty unit)
  • Suspension and handling enhancements
  • More engine bay work

Sadly, it met a sudden demise on a cold icy morning. The occupants were safe, but the wide body project finally came to an end.  Or so we thought! The bare rolling chassis was sold to a gentleman in Canada who rebuilt the WRX from the ground up using what type of donor you ask??? If you guessed JDM then you were right! This car went full circle and ended up with a JDM ver8 STi complete drive train / motor and a fresh face lift with a 06/07 front end (the wide body fenders were removed). We still can’t believe the journey this magnificent car has experienced.

Unfortunately, I do not know too much about the body kit, but the car’s owner also owns the mold cavities for anyone looking to replicate this look.  Feel free to drop us a line via phone (520.882.2821) or email if you wish to reach him.

Widebody WRX Engine Bay

Widebody Hood with Insert

Widebody Side View