Here lies a story with a twist. Or should I say, twisted metal… Roughly 1 year ago the smashed Garage Queen entered the iA-Performance stables (shop car).  Over the course of this year it went through an extensive repair process, to say the least. The end result is a car that delivers an unforgettable driving experience plus it turns quite a few heads in the process.

Below are a few photos from the beginning up through the rebirth. Looking back over the photos I nearly forgot how many hours went into repairing this beauty. The body work was performed at Vanderpools Auto Refinishing, Tucson, AZ. As always, their work was flawless and this project was no exception. Although the damage looked quite intense it turned out to not be too bad. The first 10″ of the right side frame rail was bent upwards which was corrected after a short visit on the frame machine. In addition, a 2005/6 s2000 front clip was purchased for replacement fame rail segments (first 10-12″) plus sheet metal, fenders, and headlights.  The project really started to take shape once the new clip items were installed. From there the body work was hung and checked for gaps, they are perfect I must ad. After a complete wax job the car was finally ready to hit the streets for the first time.

First impressions… Despite the car’s size, I quickly realized what fellow s2000 owners relish, true roadster performance.  Not only did it have decent acceleration, but the steering response was also very predictable at both high and low speed corning situations.  Overall, I’m very happy with how the project turned out, plus the wife likes it too :)

Note: As shocking as it may sound, the s2000 was restored back to stock without the implementation of any performance parts, although they were a tough temptation at times.