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Subaru Forester Limo

This has to be one of the rarest Subarus on the streets today! We ran across this Forester XT Limo on Ebay a little while ago and could not believe our eyes! Hard to believe, but the photos speak for themselves. Sadly, all we have are the photos to share, no power and handling (LOL) stats at this time. Hope you enjoy these crazy photos as much as we have.

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mustang blows up

This video marks that CRAZIEST and LARGEST engine failure that our Dyno ever experienced, or most ever will.  The Oil and Coolant clean up took 2 employees roughly 4 hours of time. We even found oil spots 16 ft tall ceiling!

Q: So what caused all of this joy?

A: It seems that one of the pistons melted down which allowed for excessive crank case pressure that ultimately shot through the aluminum oil galley, yes shot right through.

Please note, we simply rented the dyno space. We were not responsible for driving the car nor deciding to stay on the gas. With that said, please enjoy.

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